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Gel Tips Almond

Gel Tips Almond

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Soft Press On gel tips for complete nail constructions (lengthening). They are made of soft and flexible gel and are placed on the surface of the natural nail with a semi-permanent base (we recommend Rubber base).
🔹 Made with gel material.
🔹 They are resistant and flexible.
🔹 The tips easily support daily loads.
🔹 It can be used with very short (bitten) nails where paper molds cannot reach.
🔹 Quick to install, they save considerable time and are very durable.
🔹 Different removal methods: with the use of file, lathe or with Pure Acetone.

Package of 120 pieces, divided into different sizes.
Keep away from a heat source. For professional use only.

➡️ We choose the right tips for each nail
➡️ We file the nail and apply the preparations (Nailprep, Primer)
➡️ We place the rubber base on the nail and dry for 30 seconds
➡️ We apply the base on the tip and press it to the nail.
➡️ We set about 10-15 seconds with the flashlight
➡️ We dry in the lamp for 60 seconds, pressing the tip.
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