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Smooth Oil CLASSIC - 20ml

Smooth Oil CLASSIC - 20ml

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They are designed to hydrate and protect the cuticle. Smooth Oil is the right product to be used for cleaning the cuticle and moisturizing at the end of the manicure.

How to use: Apply 1-2 drops on each cuticle as soon as you try to push the cuticle with a chopstick.
work the cuticle with the electric cutter and the Hurricane bit at 10-15,000rtp

With this technique and this bit, you can also clean the client's folds for a much neater appearance of the nails and fingers.

Remove the dust, and if you consider you can remove the excess oil with alcohol, before applying the base.

After completing the manicure, apply oil once more, but this time in a much larger quantity, it will hydrate and help the cuticle to grow beautifully.

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